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3257 East University
Mesa, AZ  85213
PTO Officers

President - Martha Eiland

Description: The PTO President:
  • Organizes and plans the agenda for each PTO meeting as well as facilitates the meeting.
  • Oversee that all events and the offices of PTO are successfully completed. 
  • Ensures that any areas that need improvement are addressed and corrected.
  • Suggests revisions to the PTO constitution when and if needed.
  • Facilitates the expenditure of PTO funds generated during the course of the year.

Vice President - Michele Bayer
Description:   The PTO Vice President:

  • Stands in for President if absent for PTO meeting.
  • Facilitates PTO meeting by keeping the meeting moving and focused on agenda items.
  • Acts as Pilgrim hot lunch coordinator.

Secretary - Kim Drexler
Description: The PTO Secretary:
  • Records the PTO minutes at each meeting.
  • Requests publication on the Pilgrim web site by the web master.
  • Requests approval of minutes at the next meeting. 
    Assists the other Officers in their duties, as needed and assists in the necessary functions of the PTO Board.

Treasurer - Ben Kucenski

Description:  The PTO Treasurer: 
  • Provides quarterly financial reports to the Board of Education, pastors and school principal.
  • Submits financial records in conjunction with church financial audit.  
  • Maintains the bank account and reconciles prior to each meeting.
  • Writes checks (make payments) that have been approved by the PTO.
  • Keeps track of the deposits and payments made in each designated fund.
  • Reports at all business meetings the financial status of the organization and the balance of each designated fund.
  • Takes deposits to the bank.
  • Makes financial information and related documents available for audit.
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