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PTO Calendar of Events
Box Tops For Education

Our beginning of the year Box Tops rally has begun. Your children may have noticed a collection bag for Box Tops in their classrooms. We would love to fill those up every week. I will be keeping a weekly chart of progress for each classroom which will be displayed in the main school building. Preschool will have an extra chart in their classroom. Have a scavenger hunt at home to find those little emblems/coupons to clip. Ask neighbors, friends and relatives. Check at the office. Would they be willing to have a collection box placed there? Each Box Top is worth $.10 and they add up. Also, go to btfe.com for more information, fun games that earn free e-Box Tops and the Box Tops marketplace where online orders earn e-Box Tops for Pilgrim. It really adds up! The winning classroom will have Pizza with the Pastors and I will take the teacher out to eat that day! Thanks for supporting your school!  To learn more at Boxtops For Education. click here.

All parents are needed to assist with this project.
December Holiday Gift Shop

Things to do right away!
  • Get list of volunteers.
  • Make a schedule for the classes with specific shopping times for each grade approximately four weeks before event.
  • Call all volunteers and schedule times to cover all of your shifts, about 4 per shift.
  • Confirm with teachers that times are satisfactory.
Two Weeks before
  • Make flyer to send home with kids with the Holiday Gift Shop Schedule and details. Give to office to make copies and hand out.
  • Make any necessary adjustments with schedule and volunteers.
The Week Of
  • Call all volunteers to confirm scheduled times.
  • Send home shopping envelopes with kids on Monday.
  • Make reminder labels for teachers to give to the kids and deliver them on Tuesday.
  • Have cash box ready with $50 change, 3-4 calculators, extra bags, tape music box and holiday cd, black sharpie pens to make labels, and white printer paper to help label.
  • Talk with Principal about having a few students help the younger kids shop and wrap gifts.
The Day Before
  • Be ready for the preview after school. One person can stay for thirty minutes while kids preview the shop.
    Approximately 5 volunteers are needed.
Breakfast For Families
Families have the opportunity to sit down with their child(ren) and have breakfast and spend some quality time together before starting their busy day. The breakfast is provided by PTO and is served in the fellowship hall. We need volunteers to procure and set up the food and drinks, and then to clean up when done.  Approximately 2-3 volunteers are needed from 7:00 am until about 9:00 am.  The second PTO meeting will be held after breakfast.
February - Yard Sale -  February 2020

The Yard Sale is held usually in February and is one of our largest fund raiser events of the year. Families and the congregation are asked to bring items to donate for sale. The sale usually runs from 7:00 am - 1:00 pm on a Saturday morning. The effort of coordinating this event is usually split between two co-coordinators, one for preparation, sorting, and pricing during the week leading up to the event, and one for the day of the event.

Approximately 15 volunteers are needed and two co-chairs are needed from among the volunteers.
March - Lent Soup Supper

The soup supper is held at 6:00 pm. Advise pastors/secretary of soup supper date(s), plan menu, calculate food quantities, publicize soup supper and menu with posters (church, fellowship hall, school), organize food contributions, purchase food, organize preparation, serving and clean-up.  Keep track of all expenses working with treasurer. Approximately 15 volunteers are needed to prepare and donate food and a chairperson is needed from among the volunteers.

8th Grade Graduation -  May 23, 2019

Three coordinators are needed for food, decorations and video.
  • Food Coordinator - plan menu, calculate food quantities, organize food contributions, purchase food, organize the preparation, serving and clean-up.
  • Decoration Coordinator - organize and plan decorations based on class colors, hymn, bible verse, and flower. Organize flowers to be worn by graduates.
  • Video Coordinator - work with 8th grade parents securing pictures for video, produce video, play video during refreshment and presentation festivities, duplicate and distribute video to 8th grade graduates.
All 7th Grade families are required to participate, and a chairperson is designated as the point of contact.
Traffic Duty Coordinator/Traffic Duty Shift

Solicit and coordinate parent volunteers for Monday - Friday morning traffic coverage as well as back-up volunteers for each day.  Upon completion, provide primary volunteers with a daily schedule indicating who their back-ups are with telephone numbers.  One volunteer needed as coordinator.

Volunteer must arrive between 7:50 am - 8:00 am and is free to go as soon as the last morning bell rings. Volunteers ensure children/parents enter the school building safely by obeying the established guidelines such as walking on the south side of the cones and not parking in the parking spaces immediately to the West of the school building.

Volunteers must be comfortable approaching students/parents to correct situations. Volunteers are responsible for covering their shifts.  10 volunteers needed in order to serve as back ups or to allow for rotating shifts.
Scrappy the Mascot

We are looking for individuals to serve as our mascot for PTO activities.  Scrappy the Pilgrim Panther mascot is visible at home games, special events held at Pilgrim, and tournaments held at ALA.  We need the individuals who serve in this capacity to conduct themselves appropriately and help ensure the mascot costume is not damaged, since it is school property.  Volunteers will be chosen on a rotation basis, schedule availability, or desire to serve.  We are looking for mainly adults to serve, but will consider 7th grade and older students.  The students who are interested will need the approval of their teacher and the PTO board.  Approximately 5 volunteers are needed.
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