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Arizona Christian School Tuition Organization (ACSTO)

The tax credit laws specifically describe the allowance of a tax credit for donations made to organizations like ACSTO (

When you give, you are making a donation, and Arizona will grant a tax credit in return for that donation when you file your tax return.

2019 Donation Amounts

For Tax Year 2019, a Married Couple filing jointly can claim a maximum credit of up to $2269, a Single taxpayer up to $1135, or their total tax liability, whichever is less. These amounts are the total of Arizona’s two Private School Tax Credits—Original and Overflow.

When giving to ACSTO, donors can give up to $1138/$569 (married/single) towards the Original Tax Credit. Any donation above this amount will then go towards the Overflow Tax Credit, up to a maximum of an additional $1131/$566. When you donate through ACSTO’s Donor Portal, it automatically totals the amounts for Original and Overflow so you don’t have to!

For information or to donate, click here.

You may donate throughout the year to assist with student tuition costs to attend private schools like Pilgrim Lutheran School or Arizona Lutheran Academy.  You may recommend your donation for an individual student or for the school.  Scholarships are available through Arizona Christian School Tuition Organization (ACSTO) and the award schedule is as follows:
  • Donations received April 16 - June 30 are awarded to students in August.
  • Donations received July 1 - September 30 are awarded to students in November.
  • Donations received October 1 - December 31 are awarded to students in February.
  • Donations received January 1 - March 30 are awarded to students in May.

For more information, please speak to the school principal, call or e-mail the school office at (480) 830-1724 or click on the following link


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